Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shopping Anxiety

I have extreme shopping anxiety. It's a fact. Shopping is really difficult for me sometimes. If I'm in the mood for it, it can be a fun experience but most of the time, I absolutely dread it. Spending money stresses me out, shopping trips need to be carefully planned and sometimes even the slightest thing can pull me right out of the mood and after 5 minutes in the first store, I turn around and go home. I think about an item for a long time before I buy it, maybe even go to the store 3 times to check it, sleep on it, and eventually decide to buy it. Still after I buy it, I try it on, reconsider whether to return it and whether it was truly a good buy.

Nothing is better to me than scoring a great bargain and my Mom has definitely taught me the best ways to find a good deal but I still have to say, I relate more to my Dad because of my shopping habits. My Mom is so stylish and she knows all the trends way before I do, especially because she works in a store. She helps me a lot (unknowingly) to curb my shopping anxiety by buying me clothes that are super cute (and most of the time on super sale!). I'm really lucky because it's so hard for me to go shopping. If I'm not feeling it, I really can't force myself. Having a fiance who likes fashion and loves to shop does not help with my anxiety but I totally think T and my Mom should go shopping together sometime.  
I have only met one person in the world so far who seems to have similar shopping habits and it felt amazing to hear his experiences that were similar to mine. I don't think he knows how groundbreaking it was for me to hear about what his shopping trips were like and how much it's stuck with me ever since! 

Last weekend, we got psyched up to go shopping at the Palmanova Outlets between Trieste and Venice, Italy. When I saw that Venice was only 100 km further, I was like, forget shopping! Let's go to Venice for the day! I didn't realize Venezia was so much closer with the car (rather than the train which is how we got there a couple years ago). But alas, we had shopping to do. We're looking for T's outfit for our wedding and I'm happy to say that I behaved myself pretty well. I almost had one breakdown while there but an espresso and gelato break helped with that and we continued shopping throughout the evening.

Espresso always reminds me of my old coworker, David, who is Italian and taught me the importance of good coffee and how espresso is absolutely required after lunch!

You KNOW things must have been going well if I was trying on feathered dresses for fun ;)

Tomislav found this cutie scarf and showed off his American pride!

Do any of you out there have shopping anxiety? Any tips for me? My idea was that if things got really tough shopping and I wasn't able to go on, to stop and have a glass of wine to help me carry on!


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  2. ok, you and i might be the only two people in the world who get stressed out about shopping. i don't shop unless i have to. and even then, it takes me about 30 minutes to buy 10 things. i'm in and out!

  3. Elaine - he didn't get the scarf, but isn't it adorable? Breaks are so vital for me while shopping!!

    And Tiffany! I'm so glad to hear there is somenoe else out there! Shopping with other people is when it gets really rough...stopping to look at everything..trying things on! My sister just told me about this awesome website Stitch Fix. Basically, you fill out a questionaire about your style and their stylists send you a box of clothes and you can pick out what you want to buy from there and send back the rest! It seems perfect for me :D

  4. I came across this blog, and it actually describes exactly what I feel most of the time when I go shopping. I always doubt my choices and think that other people will think I made the worst buy ever. My fiance as well has a good fashion sense, and it is so easy for him to shop for clothing, I find it very hard to shop for clothes and handbags. This anxiety is worse when I shop for clothes and big things like furniture. I always have to get second opinions from by mom and sister or the lady that works at the shop.
    I wish I could trust myself more. :-( Most of the time I go into a shop and come out with nothing, or I go in and come out with a lot of things only to return 90% of them the next day.



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