Saturday, April 14, 2012

3 Beers, Never 4

Hangover girl, hangover girl, hangover girl. Ok, you can all stop pointing and laughing at me. I'm hangover girl.

Anyway, I totally need to learn my lesson to stop at 3 drinks. I don't drink a lot anymore so I'm totally not used to it and I keep thinking I can handle it but then somehow I still end up getting carried home by T who has to listen to me try to convince him, "I'm fine!". But I had an absolutely fabulous time last night going out to this cool music venue/bar Sax with T-Slav's coworkers, hearing not one but two great bands play covers of all types of songs, everything from Whitesnake to Queen. The headliners are called Živa legenda and wow they can put on a show! Great band, awesome performers, and I love a singer who can switch languages so smoothly and without any noticeable accent at all! We were rocking out and then when the bands stopped and we were left with the records, oh boy did we keep the party going! See below:

This was awesome :) They are awesome
(Also, you can hear T's AMAZING laugh around the 9 and 31 second mark!)

We met a couple of cool New Zealanders last night and I'm not sure if I should blame my being buzzed for not being able to understand what they were saying or whether I just really couldn't follow their accents!

Another one of my favorite moments of the night was me screaming Dream of Home Tonight ;)

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