Thursday, April 12, 2012

OMG! Bosnian Food!

Balkan food is FREAKING AMAZING! Ćevapi and lepinja and kajmak are so delicious. Now, I know I've written about it before since I had the best ćevapi in Serbia but I'm super stoked on the unbelievably great restaurant that is literally next to our apartment called Sofra. As you may know (or see below in the picture), we live next to the only Mosque in Zagreb hence our great luck of having the original Bosnian restaurant Sofra in our little neighborhood . Oh, you Yugoslavs you, making your amazing, addictive, comforting foods!

The mosque is behind me and directly to my right is Sofra.
In case you don't know, ćevapi is grilled minced meat, made usually of beef (several types of beef and/or lamb and pork, depending on which region you are in). 10 piece of ćevapi are served with lepinja (also known as somun) which is this fabulous grilled bread that soaks up the flavor of the meat so well. And of course, you can't forget the chopped onions and kajmak (a creamy dairy product similar to clotted cheese. Fun fact:  It is made from the milk of water buffalos in the East or of cows in the West) on the side of your plate. Some people eat their ćevapi with sour cream or ajvar (roasted red pepper spread - my Mom got the recipe from T-Slav's mom and has absolutely perfected the art of making ajvar. Hers is amazing!) Maybe if she still has a jar left over from her last batch she can bring it to Croatia to share with T's Mom. That would be so nice.  

Oh my gosh it is so good!

Mmm how can you not love a place that treats guests to free honey liquor after their meal?!

I can't wait to show our family and friends who are coming for our wedding all of the best things about Croatian culture. Our wedding weekend is basically gonna be a combination of touring the Balkan traditions throughout the years with a mix of Polish customs and American touches along the way. We've decided our "Welcome to Croatia" dinner the night before our wedding will be held here - yay! I can't wait for everyone to try this outstanding food, so leave your gluten allergies at home people -
It doesn't get any better than this!

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