Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spirit Week

It's Spirit Week at school so we've been dressing up all week long and it's brought back a lot of memories from my high school days at PV in PA and our different Spirit Week traditions. No Farmer Day here in Zagreb!

So this week, Monday was Fancy Day, Tuesday was Pajama Day (yes really, even us teachers wore pajamas to school!), and today was Dress as Your Favorite Book/Movie Character. Can you guess who I was?

Fishtail Braid - Much easier than I thought! (See picture instructions here)

The rest of the week continues with tomorrow being twin/triplet day (funnily enough we have a rather large amount of actual twins at our school!) and Friday is color day with each grade choosing a different color they will all wear. The week concludes with a great prize for the class that participated the most in the Spirit Week activities and I'm so proud that Grade 3 is leading the way so far with 100% of students (and teachers ;) ) participating everyday! 

The one day that was originally planned to take place but was later taken out was Switch Gender Days - I guess maybe was a bit too controversial or something. So I have to ask, does anyone do something like Spirit Week at your jobs? I assume if you're also a teacher you guys must have a Spirit Week but anyone else? Any Hawaiian Shirt Days or something like that? :) Would you ever wear pajamas to your place of employment?


  1. Hey!

    Hahaha. Farmer day is one of the things we Stroud kids poke fun at PV kids for. (We referred to it as tractor day. Do people really ride tractors to school?) We had hippie day, class colors day, and the book character day.

    The school I am student teaching at recently had a Mr. East competition for senior boys. Two pf my students were nominees. One day they came in dressed as princesses, another day in halloween costumes, and yet another day as ninjas.

    -Lindsay K

  2. I work at a regional shipping and delivering company in Austin and I got permission from the HR Dept. to do St. Patrick's Day dress up on the Friday March 16th. Surprisingly, many employees dressed up. We also do Halloween Dress up day and the employee with the most votes wins a $50 visa gift card. Pretty sweet.

  3. Lindsay! Hi! Long time no chat :) Where are you doing your student teaching?

    It is indeed true that at my good ol' PV, every year on Farmer Day everyone (who has one!) rides their tractors to school. Their row in the parking lot is known as Tractor Row and until pretty recently, I thought it was totally normal that high schools have Farmer Day. Nope, just our good ol' farmery "hick" town (I say it with love!).

    That's so cute that the kids were dressing up! I love seeing all of our kids costumes.

    AMBER! Austin must be amazing! That is so cool that you got everyone to dress up for St. Patty's! What did you dress up as for Halloween? I'm sure it was awesome ;)



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