Friday, April 27, 2012

Ikea = Daycare?

Ikea is an amazing store with 332 stores around the world in 38 different countries. This awesome budget friendly furniture store is finally being built in Zagreb which is really exciting. I always find stores like Ikea or H&M comforting because no matter where you are in the world, the stores look exactly the same. While you're shopping, you can forget where in the world you are and imagine that you're actually somewhere else.

My experience with Ikea began a long time ago. I feel like a lot of my early childhood in New Jersey was spent in the awesome play area (known as Småland which means small land in Swedish) at Ikea. I never went to actual daycare but it was almost like being in that play area on Saturday mornings was like daycare for me since my parents would wander around shopping there. They had the best play areas, with so many cool and imaginative toys and areas to play "house" in, and I distinctly remember watching many a Barney episode while there. I honestly don't know if my parents were always shopping or whether they just dropped me (and my sister) off there and went to do their own thing but I know that I've spent a significant amount of time at Ikea stores!

The Ikea tradition continues with T and I taking bi-monthly trips to neighboring countries to visit their Ikea stores!

We imagined we had his and hers desks like this :)

Swedish meatballs - you know it!

LOVE that all their decor all over the store (like in the dining area) can all be purchased there!

Chew-broccoli! So cute! When I was little, I ALWAYS wanted all of the adorable stuffed animals (does anyone remember that plush green snake?) they had there. These days it's no different, T and I literally had to stop ourselves from buying the broccoli, carrot, and strawberry stuffed toys!

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