Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sex u Skoli

Tomislav's friends are all very creative. They're always thinking of new ways to have fun, including inventing your own board game. This was an awesome idea that our best man, Lovro, came up with. It was a mix of pictionary, charades, truth or dare, clay-making, and drinking games (obvi). Also, anyone who knows Lovro knows that he's always ready with a game or something fun to do (Slap Uno, anyone?)!

 We all came up with a couple of ideas for charades and dares and what not and wrote them on these cards, then took turns choosing a card and doing the task at hand!

For example..
Me - ready to play!

Polish Roulette was part of the game too!

Ivona making something out of the clay


Can  you guess what this was?
Oh yeah, and as for the name of the game and the title of this post? It was the song playing at the moment on the TV that was set to CMC (Croatian Music Channel). What up.

Do you do game nights with your friends?


  1. This looks so fun! I want to play with you guys!

  2. Come back and play with us! Come for the next ten days!!!

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