Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Croatian Style

Slowly getting back into the swing of things Croatian style. First of all, I can't believe I've been here over a year already. That is just crazy to me! I really can't believe that. I didn't know at this point last year that I'd be staying this long but that's life and I've certainly gotten used to certain aspects of Croatian life. Since we were traveling with our family and friends, some Croatian habits were made so much more noticeable to me around other people. Tomislav (and I have to admit I'm also guilty of this) drinks his coffee "Croatian style" which means leisurely and at a very relaxed pace so that one espresso lasts an entire hour long break. I've gotten so used to the coffee here (which I used to complain about!) but I love that I don't have to drink a huge ass mug to get my caffeine fix, just one, bitter but delicious espresso does the trick! Since we came back to hot hot heated up Zagreb last week, we decided to settle back in the Croatian way, which obviously means a weekend trip to the seaside!

The beautiful island of Krk - the perfect place for romantic strolls

Yesterday I was driving to the supermarket and listening to the radio. Well, really I was half listening because I usually don't concentrate enough to try to understand what the radio DJs are saying in Croatian, but I got interested upon hearing "zaručnik" and "vjenčanje" obvi (which mean fiance and wedding) and realized that they were talking about the movie "The 5 Year Engagement." I wanted to see the movie so I started really trying to concentrate and I realized it was some kind of a movie ticket giveaway so I heard you had to send a text to nula-šest-dva-dva-pet and I can't match the actual numbers to the words right away in my head so I kept repeating nula-šest-dva-dva-pet, nula-šest-dva-dva-pet to myself until I got to the supermarket. I texted the number and I won the free tickets! We saw it last night and it was so funny! It made T-Slav and I realize that maybe we should play some more of those kinds of SMS games/giveaways. He won a year's supply of Fisherman's Friend candy a year or two ago because of one of those contests. Oh yeah Cro Cro, what up small population = bigger chances of winning!

Finally, check out my kulinarskoj mudrosti (culinary wisdom) over here on Mrkva.hr's blog! I wrote about the recipe you thought you knew, but you didn't a while back after Tomislav urged me to share the way I make hard boiled eggs. Something so simple, but many people don't know the simple and perfect way to make eggs every single time. Translated into Croatian! So neat! I will have to show my mother-in-law that one :)

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  1. It looks so pretty over there! Can't wait to watch your episode this week!



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