Monday, July 30, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Tomislav and I have been traveling on the coast (business for him, I've tagged along of course!) but I'm having a hard time getting the ol' laptop to function over here so I'm posting from my phone just to say hi! I'm hoping to edit the first ever episode of Eat at Home Tonight, catch up on Big Brother, and Skype with me loved ones as soon as it's back up and running! Also...the Olympics! I love it, we had so much fun watching in bars here on the coast. It's exciting to see fellow American tourists/supporters around here too :) I want to see some more swimming soon! Wooweeee!

I leave you with these iPhone pics:

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Oh-so-blue water on the island Lokrum

We drove the 3 hours from Dubrovnik to Split this morning and it's the hottest day ever in Split! (117 degrees F!)

Seafood spaghetti...oh my gosh, yes! It's Meatless Monday after all ;)

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