Monday, July 9, 2012

One Month

I got made up

 We had our reveal

We danced spontaenously in the park for a crowd of people watching an orchestra!

We played with confetti in the park

We rode the tram

We kissed

We cried (the choir was so, so, so beautiful)

We were so happy! 

We 'American Danced' (think bump 'n' grind) until the break of dawn

We got wild!

It's been exactly one month since our wonderful wedding day and we were bombarded by emotions this weekend because we got the videos and photos from our unbelievably talented videographer, Damir Paić, and photographer, Ana Mihalić. Damir had been through so much with me and my crazy Polish-American customs and my hestitation towards Croatian traditions but his creativity and movie-making talent are really incomparable. His ideas look incredible put together in his videos and I invite you to check out this "trailer" of our wedding video that he put together. It's so fun!

You've seen her pictures before on my blog, but not like this! Ah-maz-ing!!! I am so excited about our photographer. Since I first met Ana and saw her photos, I was just in awe of how she and her camera and make such beautiful images. She is a true talent and you should remember her name because I have all the confidence in the world that she is gonna be huge. She's amazing and a great friend and I just couldn't be any happier, she did the most incredible job and we love her. Check out this video she made with some of our wedding photos. It's so cool to see Ana and Damir's different styles capturing the same wedding. We really couldn't be any happier, all of our vendors were just so great.

It's an incredible thing to be married, to have my partner for life. We've been through so much, so much distance, so much time spent apart, so much uncertainty about when we'd be together, and so much stress through the wedding planning process. But, we know each other so well, we love each other so much, and he really is my better half and that is absolutely everything to me. He is really the best (seriously, he is amazing) and I think that's why I knew we had to hold onto each other from the very beginning because there would never be anyone else like him!

When T-Slav and I first started dating, I fell for him fast. I knew straight away that I loved him but since he was only in the States for 5 months, I felt like our relationship had an expiration date. I still can't believe that today, 4 years later, we're together, and we're now married and I'm with him in Croatia. I've learned that if someone is worth it, you make it work. No matter how hard it can be sometimes, always wishing the other person was there when they're not and who knows the next time you'll see each other, no matter what. If you love someone, real love, you can make anything happen.

It's no secret that it was really hard for me to wedding plan without my family and friends. Wedding planning is so stressful, it really is. As much as you don't want it to be, it just is because there is just so much to consider and remember. My sister (and the absolute greatest maid of honor in the universe) kept trying to remind me to enjoy wedding planning because you only get to do it once) but it was just so stressful. Well, none of that mattered in the end. It all worked out! It did! (Dominika - you are the greatest, thank you for everything, especially for keeping me together all throughout wedding week, for all of your patience and love with me always, and for carrying my dress all over Zagreb, you did so much to help make our wedding day perfect, and there could be no better maid of honor than you! Having a great MOH and Best Man really helps you stay sane wedding week. Let's hear it for Lovro!)

Wedding weekend was absolute perfection. Everyone's flights and drives made it safely (albeit with a few delays) and we had the most fun and Euro-cuc time ever! I just wish everyone was still here or could come back so we could do it all over again because it was just that much fun! I think European anniversary parties might just have to become the norm because being able to see my nearest and dearest loved ones, having them all their, my family, my wonderful friends who really surprised me on making the long trip out here and making our day so much more special. All of Tomislav's family and so many Croatian people who met all of my friends and fam were absolutely shocked and amazed at how awesome everyone was, just because their only idea of American people is what they see and hear on TV. But I'm like, come on, what do you expect?! They're the people that I love the most, how did they think it would be? Our wedding weekend was just so fantastic because everyone was together, and you really couldn't tell who was from which country or speaking what language because everyone was talking, laughing, dancing, and partying together and I'm eternally thankful for everyone who came here, helped us with putting everything together, who celebrated our day with us, even from afar. I just love everyone so much and I'm so grateful we all got to be together. 


  1. This is so beautiful, and I'm very was moved
    I'm impressed. Much love

    1. Dziekujemy! <3 It's great to spread the love!

  2. Amazing Photos Nikki,!I'm smiling while reading your blog and while writing this comment.:) & I'm just soo so happy for you! Wishing you and T-slav lots of love and happiness!

    1. Thank you so much Chazzie! We're so happy <3

  3. I LOVE the trailer!! Congrats! Yay!

    1. Thank you! ME TOO - I've watched it like 5 (or more) times already!

  4. Your photographer. Oh my gosh. Seriously. These are some of the most amazing wedding photos I've ever seen!!

  5. Just stumbled on your blog from Eisy Morgan and I love it! I'm part Croatian and I cannot wait to visit someday!!




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