Monday, July 23, 2012

A Clean Home is a Happy Home!

In a field of poppies in Poland

That's what my sister always says when she's cleaning, in a high pitched, sing-songy voice and for me, it couldn't be more true! This weekend we finally had the chance to really settle in to our new place (and unpack!) and I think we made a really good decision to stay in Zagreb. Since the weather was pretty crummy and cold we were able to get the apartment straightened up and we're a happy home. So happy in fact, that for some reason, I've been waking up early (without any need to be up!) with tons of energy. T-Slav says he likes it better when I was sleeping instead of bouncing off the walls while he's getting ready for work, but hey what can I do! I even went running yesterday, which I haven't done in forever. But when you're up that early, you can run along the beautiful streets of Zagreb, through pretty parks, and up and down some stairs without fear of too many Zagrebians looking at you like you're crazy for exercising on the street. I'm guessing this cooled down weather is the cause for my sudden burst in work-out motivation, definitely not complaining though! We'll be at the warm seaside soon enough :)

So, I've been getting to know our new neighborhood, the cafes around the corner, and the bars down the street and for the first time in my life, I feel like I have finally understood why people are coffee snobs. I've never been a coffee snob (or water snob or anything like that), I don't have a preferred brand or anything. Even so called "bad" coffee can be made good by putting some milk in it for me. Anyway, this cafe next to our apartment has quickly opened my eyes up to really good coffee. It's really espresso with milk (as all coffees are here in Croatia!) but man, I cannot get over how awesome this place is. It's called Cafe Pjer and it was the place closest to us that I could find with free wi-fi. It's obviously a neighborhood favorite of a lot of people, judging by the number of people I here all the time. The service is fantastic. Any place that has an owner who's willing to guide me to the closest outlet so I could plug in my laptop (instead of giving me the evil eye like most places would!), well you know it has to be awesome! So I'm blogging live from Cafe Pjer right now. And it's making not having Internet at home yet slightly better :)

My view right now at Cafe Pjer in Tresnjavka

So happy Monday everyone!

And the thing you should know about me, is that I really mean it. I love counting down to random occasions. Anyone remember back in the day, freshman year of college, going to J&H on Sunday night for 4th Meal (which should have been called Munchies Meal, it was just nachos and pizza and burgers and I can't even remember what else. I mean, you didn't go to 4th Meal unless you were under the influence). So this one time, a whole big crew of us went for 4th meal and we were causing a bit of a ruckus. 4th Meal only went from 8pm-12am and we'd always try to come in at 11:45pm and try to get them to keep the good stuff out still. So, as I was saying, I love celebrations and decided we should count down until midnight like you do on New Year's. Only thing was, the next day was Monday. So we counted down and all yelled, "Happy Monday!" at midnight. Shenanigans. Amazing. That's what makes paying student loans back worth it. Remembering really fun and crazy college moments. T for Temple U baby!

I'm pretty sure this is from that night - flashback!


  1. Ohhh those poppies are one of my favourite flowers!

  2. I've never been there, though I must have passed by it several times! And... how do you say outlet in Croatian??

  3. I so remember 4th meal! Probably the worst to eat so late but being "under some influence" totally helped lol. Miss those days!

    PS. I definitely think I took that picture! :-)

  4. LOL Yes Eli I think you did!! What a great night <3

  5. If a clean home is a happy home, I must be living in some kind of miserable dystopia. Send your sister over to straighten it up for me?

    I love exploring new neighbourhoods too and especially love it when I find an awesome cafe! There was one right behind my old workplace in Daegu and I was ecstatic that I found it (free Espresso refills, too). Looking forward to reading about your adventures :)



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