Friday, July 6, 2012

FACT: Bears Eat Beets. Bears. Beets.

Fact: I have made blueberry pancakes the last two days in a row. I ran out of baking powder after day one, so day two I used my sister's gluten free pancake mix and it was awesome! This was also the first time I ever made pancakes "from scratch" before which seems so ridiculous to me now. I've made crepes many times but pancakes, I always went for the Bisquick. I will never go back! So easy!


Fact: Being on vacation means having free time to watch adorable tutorials on cool braided hairdo's. I recently found this tutorial from Barefoot Blonde and tried the braided half-up do and it looked so cute. 2012 is so the year of the braid. I'm determined to figure out how to recreate my wedding hair updo that my very talented hairstylist did for me. Anyway, I'm happy my hair is 'long' enough to do fun braid styles. It's just so so so hot everyday so I think braids are just the perfect thing.

Fact: Last night's dinner was a GREAT success and I'm so happy for it. My sauce wasn't exactly like the restaurant from the seaside but it was really good. I think their homemade pasta might also do the trick. My MIL wants me to teach her how to make a balsamic reduction and the bread was the big hit of the night. Yay! Also we all got a little wine/Polish beer happy and were making plans with my brother-in-law, Ivan, about coming (home) to America with us for Christmas! So excited already!

Fact: My brother-in-law rocks! You may remember our amazing engagement pictures that my wonderful friends at Genius Creators took for us in Philly (especially because it was both me and Tomislav's Facebook profile pics forever). The pics are so fun and city-like which I just love. Well, check out the wedding present we got from Tomislav's brother!

It's us! 

 Painting based off this photo - how cool is that?

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you like my new blog makeover! It's a known fact that Polish women love redecorating (it's true, if you're a Polish woman or you know one, ask her if she rearranges her furniture every couple of weeks/months!), so I finally decided it was time to redecorate Dream of Home Tonight. And that's my last fact of the day :)


  1. Love the makeover! And the painting! How special :)



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