Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gradska Kavana & the Best Wedding Ever!

Our wedding was amazing. Dream come true, seriously. We had the absolute greatest wedding venue and coordinator anyone could ever ask for, right on the main square in Zagreb. Our wedding coordinator became known as "Superman" because of all he was doing during the night! We had 80 guests arrive to Croatia from near (Zagreb, Slavonija, Austria) and far (Germany, Poland) and even farther (Philadelphia, NYC, San Francisco) and we feel so lucky to have had the absolute greatest photographer EVER! She is so amazing and made everything so comfortable for us.

The food, oh you know the food is important to me, oh it is so freaking amazing. The štrukli are to die for at Gradska Kavana (restaurant Republica) and if you're planning on visiting Zagreb, don't go anywhere else to get them! The music and DJ were so fab, and of course it was our guests that really made the atmosphere of our wedding! Anyway, just want to share this preview photo we got from our incredible photog, Ana! I loved our wedding venue so much for those stairs and that backdrop and I can't believe how perfectly she captured our big "reveal" moment!

As stressful and crazy wedding planning is, the day of the wedding, I finally felt relaxed and like myself again (and started to feel certain human behaviors coming back to me, like hunger and thirst!). Nothing could have ruined my day because I was literally on Cloud 9 and I couldn't believe it all came together. It was the most fun and wonderful day of my life and I will absolutely never forget it, right down to the bird poop on T-Slav right in the morning, to the spontaneous dancing at the gazebo in Zrinjevac while an orchestra was performing (and the audience thought it was a part of the show and didn't believe we were a real bride and groom!), to that moment in church when we heard the choir sing for the first time, T and I both lost it, it was so beautiful and moving, and the church itself made me want to cry because of it's beauty and the specialness of what was happening. I just kept looking up (even though I wanted to take peeks at the choir). Coming out of the church to all our loved ones and just being choked up and amazed at what just happened, that we were really married now! It was so lovely and perfect.

See what I mean? Ana captured every single moment! This picture! :)

And our reception? Oh, our reception was freaking AWESOME! As soon as the first dances ended, E  V E R Y O N E was on the dance floor and it stayed that way until the wee hours of the morning! Favorite moments have to include, T-Slav getting put on Zvone's shoulders and me getting hoisted up on a chair and dancing around mid-air, Dominika and Lovro's speeches - so perfect and so funny! Seeing our parents communicate and get along so well made us both so happy. You know what, seeing EVERYBODY talking, despite all of their different languages, our international wedding really brought everyone together and on wedding night, you couldn't tell who was Croatian or American or Hungarian or German or what! Everyone was dancing in "kolo" (circle dancing!) and taking shots of šlivovica and višnjevac like they had been doing it their whole lives and having so much fun while they were at it! It was like they had known each other for years! And one thing that really stuck out in both me and T's minds was dancing to Rihanna with all of our friends. It was just so much fun! Our cake was perfection, and I can't even start on how obsessed I am with our flowers. They were the most gorgeous flowers I've ever seen and I LOVE our florist for totally seeing and respecting my vision for the day! 

 This really happened! (Thanks for the pic Ivana!)

The reason I'm holding a hotel key was because I was on my way to find my amazing ketchup head Morgan who offered to go to our hotel room and get me a change of dress because my 7 layers of fabric and tulle were not gonna make it til 6 in the morning. As I was looking for her, I got pulled up into this! The most amazing part? Morg, as resourceful and smart as she is, had not only gotten the key somehow, but minutes later she walked in WITH my dress, as I was still looking for her! Mind reader/AMAZING FRIEND!

And oh yeah, we looooved all the love connections at our wedding! Woohoo! My Dad was commenting to me about people who were hooking up but we quickly remembered that my Mom and Dad actually met at a wedding so it's totally fitting that way :) The memories of our wedding weekend will stay with me forever and I couldn't be more thrilled with how everything turned out. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone but especially my hubby! There were so many little things that he was taking care of on wedding day that he didn't bother to worry me with so I didn't have to think about anything but getting married all day long. And it was just perfect. I love everyone!


  1. That first photo is stunning! And the one of you two all choked up is pretty precious.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. That first photo is amazing!! I'm glad your wedding was so perfect!!!

  3. I cannot WAIT for more pictures - these are so beautiful!



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