Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Hat That Looks Good On Everyone!

I was never a hat person before (maybe because of too many unfortunate too-short haircuts that made me feel like I was a boy in hats!) but now I'm getting kind of into them. Keeps me cool and free from sunburn on my scalp (ouch) and I'm afraid I'm totally stealing T-Slav's hat. He never was a hat person either (everyday is a good hair day for my hottie husband) but he recently bought this hat from Aldo in Zagreb and we both love it!

So cute on the ferry in Dubrovnik

Last night we visited Tomislav's parents where they are staying on the seaside (close to Zadar) and my mother-in-law looked so fab in the hat! 

Today I'm rocking the hat in Rijeka, one of our last stops along our Croatian Coast journey. The city is absolutely gorgeous, although we are getting a little sick of all the driving.

The Adriatic Sea plus the beautiful city of Rijeka behiind me!

THIS is the beautiful view of Rijeka on our balcony! I just had to show you all!

The adventures continue tonight when we will check out the nearby town Opatija and tomorrow night, we're leaving Rijeka to go back to Zagreb! We're a little ready to get back to our apartment but I think we'll be itching to go back to the seaside as soon as we get home!


  1. Ok I officially need to buy a hat like that! I've been drooling over them on the internet and this post just confirmed. I shall purchase a hat!

    1. Yes! Do it :) You're gonna love it and wear it eeeeeverywhere!

  2. love the hat and the recap of your trip! the croatian coast looks beautiful!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie



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