Monday, July 16, 2012

We're Moving!

Sorry to our green-House Hunters International apartment but we're moving on up and out! We love our apartment but we were so ready to get out of that neighborhood and closer to the city and honestly, right now we're like, why did we wait so long?! We were only supposed to stay in that apartment for 3 months (last summer, before I knew I was moving here) and we ended up staying more than a year! 

So, that's been taking up a lot of our time. We've been obsessively looking at apartments online and calling agencies and looking at places post (T-Slav's) work every day! And we've found the one! We've had a hard time narrowing it down though. Do we choose a place that has everything on our wishlist, including AC and a dishwasher and is so clean and nice and new (and we can move right away)? Or do we choose the one that's half a block from the most beautiful and our most favorite park in Zagreb (but is kinda stinky and gross, and only covers 1/3 of our wishlist and isn't available for another month, but the location is so unbelievable that we just have to move there)? Well, we went for the first place, with the dishwasher (!!! You know that means even more cooking!) and the location is still good, it's just not as freaking amazing as the one 1 1/2 blocks from the Main Square! 

It's funny because Tomislav and I are pretty sure we've been Freaky Friday'd. Usually, he's into super modern apartments and for him, parking is an absolute non-negotiable, must-have on an apartment hunt and I'm into cozy, comfy places and as long as the location is great, I'm down to move and scrub down. Well, our roles have reversed and we really don't get how this is happening! T-Slav and I are both shocked at ourselves and how much more similar we are getting to each other. He's been the sleepy one lately and I've been staying up late. Freak-y! 

Your first peek at our new place! We haven't hung up any of our paintings yet, but we have brought our wine glasses over ;)


  1. I thnik it's time for some housewarming party ;)


  2. Clearly you have your priorities straight. I mean, you gotta celebrate with a glass of wine, right? It looks like a great place!

  3. Yay, congrats!!! It looks like a fabulous place!



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