Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Case of the Missing HHI DVD

Did anyone else watch Mary-Kate and Ashley's Mystery series? Writing that title reminded me of the cases they used to crack. Loved those videos! And speaking of nostalgia TV, I'm totally jealous of everyone in the States who gets to see the old school Nickelodeon shows! I heard they're on at night and I'd love to catch a night of All That and what not!

Anyway, after over 600 minutes of uploading time (YouTube takes foreeeeeeeeeever! Especially when it's a 22 minute show lol), I've finally uploaded our episode of House Hunters International and you can find it here. It's been such an adventure just to get our hands on the DVD of it! We never got our copy of the DVD from HGTV (as promised and confirmed) so finally one of my sister's besties, Jen, who is so awesome, recorded it and put it on a DVD. My family brought us a couple of copies of the DVD so we could give it to Tomislav's parents too. Well, in the hustle and bustle of the wedding, we managed to bring it on our Familymoon with us (and naturally, played the drinking game in Dubrovnik - BUDGET!). Then, the DVD was supposed to make it's way to Poland with us so we could show my Grandparents and friends and family there. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. Somewhere between the 2,000 km of driving, we totally lost it. Fast forward a couple of weeks, when my parents got back to the States, they found our copy of the DVD as they were unpacking! So, Pistol Pete sent it over to us right away and I finally got my hands on this baby and I'm not letting it go! So, that is the long story of why it's taken forever for our episode to be on YouTube. But now it is! Woohoo!

So play the drinking game tonight! (Or today, it is summer after all so day drinking is allowed) Listen for my super awkward washing machine comments that I had to say and see if you can guess (or remember) which apartment we chose :)

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  1. The husband and I were so right.
    Love the one you chose!



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