Friday, August 10, 2012

New Favorite Summer Hair

I love bloggers who do hair tutorials! I was always good at french braiding my own hair but I never went beyond to try and figure out too many other ways to style my hair but people like Amber, the Barefoot Blonde, and photos on pinterest make it so easy to do you hair in ways you never imagined! My hair is at a real in-between length and it's quite fine (and very straight) but my new favorite way to do my hair came out looking so cute!

The first time I did a fishtail braid was for "Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character Day" at school and I went as Katniss (duh) but since then, the Barefoot Blonde introduced me to pulling your braid apart to make it look thicker. This was such a duh moment for me, but it makes such a big difference! And this photo series I pinned is just the perfect explanation for a how-to do a 'do.

 Now, look what I did :)

Have a fabulous, good-hair day Friday!

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