Friday, August 31, 2012

OOTD - Only Because My Students Liked My Skirt

Walking home from the tram, I passed by this building that has super-mirrored windows and I thought I should snap a pic of my outfit before I ran home to change out of those shoes and into flip flops and cozy shorts! Getting used to waking up at 6:15am has been a little rough, mostly because I can't get to bed early enough. I'm pretty good at early mornings though, being the morning person that I am. It's been fun dressing up again but after this day of wearing these wedges (which are normally super comfy) for 10 hours, running up and down stairs, and walking all over the place, I'm so done with them. I've decided to only wear heels on days where I'm driving to work. It's just too much. This led to my high school students asking me if I've always been this short. They hadn't noticed the heels before but now I'm craning my neck to look at them!

My favorite foldable sunnies, skirt is from Ann Taylor (how cute is it?!) and my basic white top (with really cute gold details on the shoulders that you can't see) and necklace are all courtesy of my Mom. She brought me the top and skirt when she came to Croatia and I'm so thankful for her and her great fashion sense. I stole the necklace from her a while back and it's great to dress up any outfit! I'm way too lucky to have a Mom who knows what clothes look great on people and she works in retail so she's got the inside scoop on discounts!

Anyway, school is going great and I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things. I'm so ready to just relax this weekend though! I've got a great new episode of Eat at Home Tonight coming up this weekend that I need to finish editing but look out for it. I was inspired to film it after making the perfect make-ahead lunches (and dinner). Also, I'm super excited because laser eye surgery may finally be in my near future and my eyesight might finally stop ruining my youth! I won a free consultation with Optical Express here in Zagreb, thanks to their Facebook page, and I can't even imagine that it could actually be happening this year. I'm near tears already at the thought of being able to see without contacts or glasses! If you've got good eyesight - appreciate it please! My eyeballs are rough. And sign up for contests guys! You might win, and it never hurts to try!

Happy weekend everyone! It's Fridayyyyyyyy!

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