Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Brother Wrap-Up

OMG last night's Big Brother was CRAZY! Where my BB14 fans at?! I'm so into this season, rooting for so many people. Last night, Julie Chen revealed (SPOILER ALERT!) that America voted to give the coaches the chance to decide whether they want to enter the competition and reset the game. Of course, they did! At least Dan, Janelle, and Britney did! I like to think that Boogie was just super curious which ex-players might have returned to the game next week, maybe even hoping that Dr. Will would be back. Anyway, I'm super happy for this new twist because it meant that NO ONE got evicted last night, meaning Frank is still in the game! He is such a sweetie. I just want his alliances to finally work out. I would love to see more of a bromance between Frank and Shane.

 The episode ended with the endurance HOH competition with all of the players holding on to the side of a pirate's ship. The ship was tilted and moving around and of course, bad weather came quickly to the houseguests.

I'm so pumped for Sunday's ep to see who won HOH! There are so many possibilities and this game is just gonna get more and more interesting. Also, can I just say how much I love that Britney did her impression of Joe's angry voice? She is so funny and I miss the way she always used to make fun of Rachel. Tequilaaaaa!

Omg or when poor Brit had to be handcuffed to the other half of Brenchal (back in season 12) for 24 hours and he had to take a chum bath every hour on the hour?! Ah that was great TV.

I'm watching the show on a bit of a delay since I can't watch it live here. I still can't get over how fun the houseguests Spin the Bottle party was the other night! Ow ow! Get it houseguests! Apparently the livefeeds were cray cray with streaking and many more kisses than they showed on TV.
Yuck. Ashley, come on! That's just way too much.

This season is awesome! And it's just about to get even crazier! I love that almost everyone is really playing the game (well, except Jen. What are you doing girl?) and even silly, funny, blonde Ashley was forced to play this week! Hopefully I'll see Sunday's show on Monday morning. Until then, are you a Big Brother fan?! If you're not (yet), then sit your butt down and catch up on this season. Perfect time to start watching and get hooked on this awesome summer show!  

Who do you think will win HOH this week?! 
How do you feel about the coaches playing the game now as players?

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  1. so, just found your blog and so happy that I did. Because (sadly) I love Big Brother. too much. and so happy that danielle won HOH because she reminds me of Jordan, who I LOVE. looking forward to following along with your blog!



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