Tuesday, August 7, 2012


For the past year or so, I've been searching for the perfect blazer. Something cute that can be worn out and to work. Tough feat but a few months ago, I saw this white number at Zara that I fell in love with. The price? Not so much. So I drooled over the blazer for a while but as the weather got warmer, tried to make myself forget about it.

Love at first blazer

Luckily, one random evening, I headed into Zara and to my luck there was a huge sale going on! Now, I've told you all before about how much I dislike shopping (I know, I'm weird.) but when there's a good deal around, I'll go to the next level and bring 10 things into the fitting room and go a little cray cray. Now it all happens very quickly because I'm sure to change my mind at any instant that I've had enough of shopping, so after not being able to decide which one I loved the most, I did something a little nutty. I bought 5 blazers. I knew I would bring them home, try them on comfortably, and then return the rest.

Loved the zippers on this one

Practical black

I just loved the buttons on this one

But the blazer...not so much

So, I ended up keeping 2 of the blazers I bought, thanks to my hubby's approval and I'm a happy girl :) One white, and one black! They've been waiting in my closet for the cool weather to come so they can be worn. I'm not complaining about the sunshine though! But my blazers are totally ready to come out and play. I just love the texture on both of them!

Here is the original blazer I fell in love with! And it's all mine :)
And now I finally had the chance to show you all my purple sparkly phone case that I just love (which was like $2 on Amazon! And everyone said it would fall apart straight away but nope, it's perfect.).

So, have you ever deliberated over shopping like me? Are you lusting over any fall clothes yet?

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  1. Yessss!!!! I love when that kind of thing happens. You look beautiful in your new blazer



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