Saturday, September 1, 2012

Big Brother, Hübsche kleine Lügnerinen, Nikki Kitty and $500!

Last time on Biiiiig Brother! Well, that's my best typing impression of the BB voice over guy. Sometimes Tslav and I do our best versions of BB voice over guy vs the voice over guy from Chelsea Lately. "Tonight, Nikki makes an amazing meal: will Tomislav want to have her muffins? It's Chelsea Handler!" Yeah, we are silly. But ever since we've gotten UnoTelly, we have been able to keep up with our favorite shows! So first off, my poor sweet fav houseguest Britney (who looked so cute in her eviction dress!) left the BB house this week (and Shane voted to evict her. Lame. Super annoyed that Danielle is still around. I thought she was sweet but now I feel like producers are making her seem more stalker-ish). Dan pulled off the impossible this week and I can't believe it actually worked! Love seeing all the amazing game play this season, I just can't get enough! But now without Britney, I don't know who will make fun of all the house guests and make smart comments on everything. I loved the way she could see through everyone's fakeness and it's a bummer she lost this game again. At least we still have her in the jury house. It was so cute to see the Brigade last night though (Meow Meow lol!)


So now who's it gonna be in the end? We still have Jenn (who may still have some other tricks up her sleeves?) and Joe (he hasn't had any DR time lately thank goodness so no yelling!), Ian (wonder what his next move will be!), Shane and Danielle, and Dan and Frank. We shall see! Who will win the endurance HOH? For some reason I think Dani might pull this one out. Maybe even Ian idk! But the summer is winding down so it's game time now!

Also this week in my favorite TV shows was the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. My sister is finally watching PLL (if you're not, start immediately it is so addictive!) so I won't spoil anything for her. I will say that during my middle school German class, I heard one of my students talking about it and I gasped at the mere mention of it's name and proceeded to make them translate the title into German. See, it's relevant in class after all! Hübsche kleine Lügnerinen!

Tslav and I are also big Gleeks and we saw this little snippet about the new characters this season and the one that stood out to me is the one who is named after my old nickname, Kitty! I miss being called Nikki Kitty :) remember when I dressed up in my makeshift Hello Kitty costume for Halloween? Not as a child of course but as a grown ass woman. What up.

Scared Kitty

Hello Kitty and Superman :)

So yesterday, I was telling you all (ya'll, yous guys, vi) about how you should enter contests because you might win! Well, awesome ass UnoTelly is giving away some sweet prizes (cash money baby!) just for commenting on your fav social media sites about UnoTelly. If you're living abroad and you don't have it yet...what are you waiting for?! You can watch any shows on any websites from around the world, all unblocked and ready for your viewing pleasure, no matter where you are!

There are different points levels for each comment, like 3 points for twitter and FB comments and 1 point for a blog reply comment! So if you comment on this post, you earn one point straight away! Just submit your comment to and there's no limit to how many times you can repeat the process. And the best part? The prizes of course!

Gold Prize - 1 winner

  • $500 USD cash payable via Paypal
  • + 6 month of UnoTelly subscription
  • + 6 month of Netflix USA subscription

Silver Prize - 1 winner

  • $100 USD cash payable via Paypal
  • + 3 month of UnoTelly subscription
  • + 3 month of Netflix USA subscription

Bronze Prize - 5 winners

  • $10 USD cash payable via Paypal
  • + 1 month of UnoTelly subscription
  • + 1 month of Netflix USA subscription

Pretty sweet right? For more about the contest see here. It's a rainy Saturday here in Zagreb. We were hoping to check out Spancir Fest in Varazdin today because it's the last weekend it's going on and it looks like so much fun! Lets hope the rain clears up later :) For now, it's time to enjoy my totally homemade Sausage Egg McMuffins (homemade english muffins, homemade sausage...and this is the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. Seriously.)



  1. I LOVE hello kitty and my husband to be LOVES Superman! YAY haha... you look so cute! AND I need that sausage and egg muffin recipe, seriously!

  2. I'm really really upset about Britney. I can't even talk about it. Go Ian!!

  3. I'm just getting caught up on your blog! I was SOOOO sad about Brit! Her goodbye speech to Boogey has to go down in history. Double Eviction tonight!! I can't believe the summer is coming down to an end. Tear!



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