Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Nikki, if it feels right then it is right!!"

This is what one of my dear friends told me recently, and honestly it's crazy, strange, and awesome to accept that. I am having such a great time being in Zagreb and I'm really happy to be here. I couldn't imagine how fun it is to be here in the fall. Tomislav got a deal from Kollektiva (Zagreb's groupon/living social deal) for a concert of a famous string quartet (with an especially famous cellist named Ana) at the Hrvatski Glazbeni Zavod (for 30 kunas which is about $6).

The Program

 That's Ana, the cellist in the middle.

 The music was beautiful, it really told a story. But the location was amazing in itself.

The building was build in 1892.

 The view from the audience up at the balcony.

 It was a great night to stroll through the city after the show, with the music still in our heads. Since I left my camera charger in the States (after I left Cro this summer, I left my camera charger there and T-Slav had to mail it back to me. Now my Mom is mailing it to me again. Thanks Mom!) I've been taking pics with my iPhone.

Here you can see the beautiful different colors on the leaves in Sveta Nedjela, a little town close to Zagreb.

T-Slav is so ready for fall!

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