Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion Friday

The big trend in Zagreb this fall? Little leather motorcycle jackets. ALL the girls are wearing them! I went on a search to find out more about individual style and fashion favorites (beyond the leather jackets) in Zagreb.

 This is Toni and Josipa, having a coffee on Tkalca, the best street in center city for cool bars and cafes. 

Doris is a college student and total sweetheart, originally from Split. Layering is especially important in Zagreb because it cools down a lot more in the evening.

I love Nikolina's easygoing stylish outfit and the pop of color she brings to it with her scarf and great bag.

Mirta's cozy sweater caught my eye immediately. She also helps further prove my point that Croatians love their Chucks (I love mine too!).

Tea and Martina are law students and I love the way they made their professional looks more casual, since they are still students and not yet lawyers. Especially love Tea's bag and Martina's glasses! The bike really makes their looks even more adorable :)

Ivana is an art student in Zagreb and loves to express herself with her signature '50s style. 

*Thank you to all of my models for being so kind and graceful to me, the crazy American girl, coming up to you randomly on the street and for agreeing to appear on my blog!*

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