Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Glee, Project Runway, and Too Many Comfort Zones

T-Slav and I both are willing to be stand up and be proud to say that we are indeed, Gleeks. Unfortunately, since we were in Croatia this summer, we totally missed the show, The Glee Project. Wow! So glad we found out about this before the new cast member arrives in November. So, we've been going back and watching the episodes of the show from this summer and we are absolutely loving it! It's no shocker, TV in Croatia is just seriously lacking. I'm really not trying to be offensive but the only things to watch are Spanish soap operas (in Spanish) during the day, or all 90's and 2000's sitcoms in English on Fox Life (or soccer, obviously). So, I like to stay up to date on my favorite American shows (with T-Slav) while we are here.

I also introduced T to Project Runway, which I knew he would appreciate. Obviously, I love T-Slav but one of the best things about our relationship is the very different ways of thinking we have since we grew up in totally different countries. I love his comments about American things, that I would never think of. After watching these competition reality shows, he has found a common thread that has really begun to annoy him and I never noticed it before, nor did it bother me! He is so over everyone always saying, "You need to step out of your comfort zone." This comfort zone phrase is becoming completely redundant and every show constantly says it and overuses it. You'll definitely notice next time you're watching a talent competition show of any sort.

Another thing that T noticed is how different advertising is in the States. In Croatia, their commercials for say, medicine, are basically this. Person describes the symptoms they are feeling. Then you see a close up of the box of medicine and you hear the voice-over guy talk about possible side effects, end of commercial. In the States, we were watching this one commercial where this older guy was standing on a bridge talking about how he loves his life or boat or something and then he segwayed into saying that's why he needs to take care of his heart and take some medicine or the other. Everything has to be turned into a mini-movie or story of some sort. Entertainment baby! I love it :)


  1. it's mexican soap operas, not spanish! maja

  2. hahah are they really Mexican?! Is that how Jan learned Espanol? ;)

  3. Loving this! I watched the Glee Project and was amazed at the talent!! Glee hasn't gone to South Africa yet, so I only heard about Glee through American friends on FB :) I need to know when the new season starts in November so I don't miss it! I'm sure the new cast member is going to be GREAT!! :)

  4. No,no,no, Jan didn't learn his espanol like that! Don't even mention that to him! he will kill us both. with words of course.that's how I learn espanol, but jan went to scholl. he's the smart one in this relationship :D

  5. Woooohoooo babe I'm so glad you wrote about this! Someone should really tell them to cut it with the comfort zones lol
    Maybe we should start a drinking game with it, like the but um in HIMYM :D



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