Sunday, October 23, 2011


Most of the time, I'm thrilled by being in a new place with new people and new cultures, but after some time traveling and being away from home (even if you've been away from home so long or so many times that you're not even exactly sure where or what "home" is) a bout of homesickness can hit you, and boy...does it hit! It literally hits you like a bat to the stomach and not much can make you feel better. You just have to spend some time having a good cry, reminiscing, and hopefully, getting a big hug from a friend or loved one. It really depends on you for what can make you feel better. Sometimes skyping or talking with loved ones from home can help, or looking at old pictures, or making a meal that you love to eat at home. Other times, you just need to cry it out.

Today, I am homesick.

I miss my family and my friends and not talking to them enough. I feel bad for not being there for some friends, when I know they need me. I feel bad for what I put my family through sometimes, with running around all over the place, and I miss Philly. There are so many wonderful things that I absolutely adore about that city, ESPECIALLY the food, but for me, it's always a case of "sehnsucht" no matter where I am. (sehnsucht means longing in German) When I'm in the States, I long to be abroad and vice versa. That's the thing about traveling, you meet and fall in love with people and places all the time and then you move on to the next one and you fall in love all over again. I'm lucky to have actually fallen in love with my amazing fiance, who is totally there for me and understands homesickness like no other, but it's hard to deal with sometimes. It definitely passes quickly, but when it happens. Man, it hits you hard.


  1. Oh Nikki!!! I know exactly how you feel. Everyone at home misses you, but so happy you can be in Europe doing great and crazy things! :::::HUGGSSS:::::: Nooo home sickies!!! <3

  2. i know how it feels. it feels unbearable sometimes. sweet irony.



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