Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Natural Penicillin ie: Homemade Chicken Soup!

I've been trying to kick this cold for a week now and I finally decided I had to follow my Mom's advice and make homemade chicken soup, which I had never made before. Now, I've been cooking for just about 2 years now and I absolutely love to cook but for some reason, I always felt like soup was beyond my reach. I was wrong. Since I was feeling so unwell, I had to use ingredients I had on hand but I have to admit, it came out really delicious!

Here is what I put in my chicken soup (again, this is what I had on hand, I would have added a bay leaf and black peppercorns if I had had them):

1 Whole Chicken
Celery root (No celery stalks here like we have in the States! This made me nervous but turned out great!)
Garlic (T-Slav and I both LOVE garlic so I put A LOT in, probably about 15 cloves)

Basically, all you have to do is put everything in a pot and cook it up until the chicken falls off the bone. It made me feel instantly better. I cooked up Pipe Rigate noodles to go with the soup which was a great choice because some of the broth gets in the middle of the pasta and is extra delicious.

Next time you're feeling under the weather, cook up a huge pot of soup. Believe me, it will make you feel better! And homemade is just a trillion times better than any canned or bagged powder version. Dobar tek! :)

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  1. add a little paprika and its Hungarian! :) I love celery root, it gives it much better taste! ANd yeay for whole chicken. And chicken feet. And chicken hearts.



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