Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Medvedgrad aka BEAR CITY!

If you have access to a car in Zagreb, take a couple hours to explore way way way upper Zagreb. The drive from center city to Medvedgrad is a beautiful one, since you pass by not only the Mirogoj cemetery (undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful cemetery parks in Europe) but also all of the gorgeous embassy buildings. This is one of the walls surrounding Mirogoj Cemetery:


Taking a drive through the city really gives you an opportunity to explore and enjoy the scenery around you. We also discovered this random watch tower which we later found out was a part of the science research center called Ruder Boskovic.

Along the way, we also ran into a small soccer field where guys were playing "Mini-Nogomet" or basically, soccer with a mini soccer ball. The game was intense and we stayed to watch the pink shirted team score a goal!

As we headed to our goal destination, Medvedgrad, we passed by the beautiful, cottage like Italian embassy. You would never even think this cute home like building would be an embassy but it is!

We finally made it up to the 1000 meter above sea level area and the view was gorgeous! Unbelievably, they just started charging an entrance fee to this 13th Century Fort recently. Before, you could go anytime you wanted, any day or night, which I think was definitely a risk for the fort area to get damaged or destroyed. I think it's a really good thing that they're charging a fee now and it's only 15 Kunas (about $3) so it's really worth it!

The fort is actually like a little city, complete with a tower, church, and many different areas of the complex to duck into and discover.

 Beautiful! Makes you really feel like you're back in the 13th Century.

If a couple is into this sort of style, this would be a gorgeous area to take engagement or wedding pictures. Especially under this lovely arch.

All in all, Tomislav and I are having the best time discovering "new" parts of Zagreb. I can't believe that I've been to Zagreb so many times and never visited this fort. We certainly enjoyed taking in the breathtaking views all around us at Medvedgrad and definitely want to go back and visit again!


  1. I am personally really annoyed with the fact they started to charge the entrance fee, it has resulted with nobody coming to Medvedgrad no more, while it used to be one of the favorite family hiking destinations. The fee is not much, but if you consider that tickets to most of the Zagreb museums cost as much... Plus, I'm sure they can't even sell enough tickets for the monthly paycheck for the girl who works at the entrance, so it's the citizens who pay for it anyway out of their taxes.
    Anyway, I think you can actually get married in Medvedgrad chapel!

  2. I totally get what you're saying. My hope is that more people (and more tourists!) will come to Medvedgrad so they do sell lots of tickets so it ends up bringing more revenue in for the city. It's such a beautiful area and I understand if families go there more often, the cost would really add up. Maybe they will come up with a "frequent hiker" payment subscription or something! I didn't know you could get married there, but that is awesome :) It would definitely look amazing, maybe be a bit windy though ;)



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