Monday, September 10, 2012

Ej brate idemo van! AKA: Going Out in Zagreb

The great thing about living in Zagreb is the fact that it's the capital city of Croatia! That means that on any given night, there is bound to be something going on somewhere. Tomislav and I have talked about it so many times how different our lives would be if he was from a tiny village in Slavonija or something and how I probably would never have moved here if that was the case (job promotion or not!). Now the debate on whether I'd move if he were from the seaside? That one is not as much of a debate because I just love the Croatian coast! So today, following this super fun weekend, I've decided to share with you some of the places that we go out to in Zagreb! These are not the typical touristy places, but rather places we actually go to on the regular! And remember, my man is a native Zagrebian so he knows his stuff!

For when you're feeling hipster-y  - Krivi Put
if it's raining, then Mocvara is definitely the big runner up

Krivi Put is right across from the University of Zagreb's student center. Everyone first starts going there as students and keeps coming back for the affordable drinks and good atmosphere. You can tell it's a bit on the hipster side from all the bikes parked right outside of the bar ;)


 As you can see, seating is outside so it's definitely more of a warm weather type of place. Go early if you want to get a table, because by 11 it's gonna be totally packed and you can either stand inside the bar area or squeeze into someone else's table and make some new friends.

As for Mocvara, it's name translates to be the "Swamp" place, named so because of it's location (close to the river banks). They always have different theme party nights there, from reggae night to 80's parties. We went there last year for Halloween and it was a lot of fun! It's the kind of place that you definitely want to wear flats to and can expect your feet to get stepped on a lot. But again, the drinks are on the way more affordable side.

Last Halloween at Mocvara...can you recognize the lovely 'bride' in the middle? Hint!

When you feel like wearing heels - GreenGold

Saturday night, Tomi and his boys wanted to go to hipster-ville Mocvara (which naturally includes pre-gaming in a nearby park, because that's what Croatian boys like to do. A frisbee is almost always included in these plans). Luckily, a quick text begging one of my girlfriends to come with led to her letting me know that the girls were in town so it was time to put our heels on and go somewhere where there is no smoking inside! Yes!

Elevators always have mirrors in them in Cro Cro!

It was my first time being at GreenGold and I really liked it a lot! It's very open and airy which is so nice and drinks weren't as expensive as I thought it would be since it's definitely on the fancier side of bars/clubs in Zagreb. It's very new also...I'm just hoping that in the future, there will be more super fun songs playing after 2am. Because when it's that late, all you really wanna do is dance your heart out and sing along to some Spice Girls, David Guetta, Rihanna...I mean let's be honest here people!

When you want to to wear flats and jeans but still want to dance the night away - Purgeraj

This is an old pic but Purgeraj is one of those places that if you're in the mood for some good, fun music and an international crowd of couch surfers, backpackers, and friends of foreigners, this is definitely the place to go. It's close to the center of town and another affordable place. This is also a great Thursday night spot!

And for a sure-to-be-a-great-night thing to do for families and friends alike:
go to a Medvescak game! Hockey is huge in Zagreb so the fans are wild and tons of fun. Tickets are affordable (around 40 kuna or $7) and win or lose, it's just a great way to spend your afternoon, cheering on the Bears! You'll pick up on the chants and songs pretty quickly because throughout the game, seasoned fans keep up with the cheers throughout the whole game!

My first Medvescak game a couple years ago
Zig Zag Medvescak!

Yesterday's first home game of the season!

So there you have it! Now you know where you can find us out and about in Ziggity Zag.
 Where do you like to go out in Zagreb? If you've never been here, which one of these places would you most like to check out?


  1. Fun post! You and the girls look lovely. I've actually never been to any of these places! It blows me away how many bars there are in Zagreb. Someday I'll have to share mine. :)

  2. Great post, we noticed little hockey things around town but didn't know it was so popular. I'll have to put a Medvescak game on my to do list : )

  3. Nikki, let me choose the pics next time :)))
    Had a lot of fun with you, we must do it again :)

  4. I would love to visit Croatia. We were supposed to go last year, but then I got really sick and we didn't make it. :(

  5. I knew that we'd end up on your blog! :)))
    It was a great night! Whenever you're in the mood for high heels, just call us and Green Gold will be ours! :)

    1. yes definitely girls! I'd looooove to go out with you girls again! xo

  6. lovro took us to the first bar (with the picnic tables)!!! loved the atmosphere and how it was like the old days of lunch time at school (minus the beer..hehe)

    1. you're SO zagreb! (in the that's so raven voice obvi) totally reminds me of lunch! Especially now that you mention it. Last time I was there, it was totally like the old cafeteria days because all the tables were taken so I had to do the old "Can we sit here?" move and squeeze in with a bunch of strangers. It's fun and people can get nutty there out in the open!

  7. Great photos, I love the story about Zagreb nightlife and it was funny night :)))

  8. Sandaaaaa, you know Niki?? From where? How?? This is soooo funny!!!! :)



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