Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in Zagreb!

I love dressing up for Halloween so this year, I missed that from the States a lot, since here Halloween is really only celebrated on the 31st and not at all before. But I was really pleasantly surprised by how awesome the 31st really could be! Croatians go all out with their costumes and I respect that! We went to a party at this converted factory on the dam of the river whose name means "Swamp Place"" (Mocvara) and it was really fun! People got a lot more creative than I thought they would be.

 One of my fav costumes of the night was this Sexy Mrs. Claus 

It's a little blurry but can you see those two legos? Love it!

 Happy that my sis suggested we could do this costume! I have watched Grease literally over a hundred times because of a slight obsession in my childhood ;)

 Sandy and Danny...or a couple of people in black outfits? ;) 

At first, I was really missing American Halloween but then, after drinking a huge cup of "Gemisht"(White wine with sparkling water) I decided to embrace and really get into Croatian Halloween, singing along to the Magazin and Hladno Pivo songs that I knew!

 Bummed I didn't get any pic with the birthday girl last night though! Happy goofy silly dancy fun Halloween Birthday Sarah!

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