Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wesołe Wesele

So I've been noticeably (or maybe not so noticeably) absent for a bit because I am officially BRIDE-ing out all over the place! Our wedding is exactly one month from tomorrow. Yes, ONE MONTH! Family and friends start arriving even sooner, plus I'm still working of course, so everything is complete busy madness.

Luckily, I have the absolute greatest Maid of Honor ever, but still, there is only so much you can do from 4,000 miles away or however far it is. So T-Slav and I are going a bit cray cray but still trying to remain sane. We found out about some more last minute paperwork that we need to do which has left my family scrambling a bit to help us get them. Also, we will need to do some super-last minute translations, and ah there are so just so many things to do!

So today, I think back to one year ago. Tomislav had arrived in America to come to my grad. school graduation and of course to Dominika and Paul's wedding. My aunt and uncle and little cousin had also just arrived (for the very first time). We were getting ready for D & P's big day and among the preparations, Tomislav and I were lucky enough to have our wonderful, fantastic, über talented friends, Britt and Lindsay take our engagement pictures. Visit their website!

 Love Philly

Outside of Rittenhouse Park...where we got engaged!

This one was featured on our episode of House Hunters International!

 Some more of our engagement pictures can be seen here! Hopefully some of the wedding planning stress and insanity simmers down soon. Think of me these days and send me some positive, relaxing vibes my way if you can! I could use any calmness you have to spare ;)

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