Saturday, May 19, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Our productive wedding planning got off to a late start but we still are managing to get through our Saturday to-do list! We picked up T-Slav's suit, some things for our welcome bags, and we got the wedding torte samples from our cake baker to try some different flavors. Delicious!


Practice run of smashing cake in each others' faces - we just had to do it ;)

For a non-cake eater, I have to say I really did love the cakes! Yummy!


  1. omg, I LOVE cake. Honestly, it will be one of my favorite parts of getting married, LOL.

    I just found your blog! I, too, am an expat doing the long distance thing. Can't wait to read more about your life!


    1. Bailey! So happy you found me here, it's always nice to hear from another LDR'er who knows what it's like! I will be reading up on you too ;)

      AND seriously - cake places give amazing samples of all their cakes so not only were we getting samples, but my future in-laws were get samples and I'm guessing anyone who says they're getting married can get free samples! Pretty awesome :)

  2. Hi, just wanna say I saw you on the episode of House Hunters International :) I am originally from Zagreb but I moved to the States for love.. My hubby is in the military. You made me miss Zagreb even more with your posts and pics. I hope you re enjoying your life in Croatia.
    P.S. Those desserts look so yummy :)



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