Monday, February 13, 2012

What I Want, You've Got

I always wanted someone to pick me up from work.

Back during my sophomore year of college, when I was working as a hostess at Valanni, I would trek back up to North Philly on the BSL late at night after my shifts ended. I daydreamed about what it would be like to have a boyfriend who would pick me up from work so I couldn't have to go home alone on the stanky subway. 4 years later, my amazing fiance, who I met at Valanni, wakes up early to drive me to work in the morning and almost every day rearranges his schedule so he can come pick me up from work too.

Things are very different now, because we're in Zagreb, not Philly. But even back then, he would do little things that would really make my day. When I would drive to work in Old City, he would run out of his own job to put quarters in my meter (back when there were still meters in Old City!).

It is so sweet of him to drive me, especially during these snowy, freezing cold days, I'm so thankful for him and so happy he is so thoughtful to me. It's things like this that separates Tomislav from the rest of the men in the world! He is wonderful and that's why I don't mind making delicious meals and baking yummy treats for him all the time.

 A little trip down memory lane - one of the first nights Tomislav and I went out after we first met. Tomislav is to the right of me, with Lovro to the left of him! Of course, Peter is right next to me and Kendall is also in this picture!

I feel like we look so young here! Our first trip to NYC together :) 

 One of those nights where I went to Tomislav's apartment after work. I can tell because I'm wearing black and I wore so much black back in the Valanni days!

Together at Philly Fish Co. (Now BBQ Tequila's) where T also worked! We had so many great summer nights there.

This was in March, 2010. We went back to Valanni, where it all began, to have dinner at our favorite table. Tomislav could still recite everything that was on the Medi-Latin plate! What a good food runner he was ;)

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