Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just one thing...

I've been sick the last few days so maybe that's why I feel the need for a small rant. (You've been warned!) It's this unspoken nuisance that I refuse to let go unnoticed anymore because actually, it's something I have to consider every time I go anywhere in Zagreb.

I'm so over the smoking! It's not something that people bring up a lot here because it's so normal to everyone. Although smoking has been banned in Zagreb, it's still widely accepted to smoke in bars and cafes. True, some places have truly banned smoking or they have make specially "vented" areas for smoking which naturally, doesn't help since the entire place is smoked up anyway. You have to carefully consider what you're going to wear and when you're going to wash your hair when you go out anywhere.

I feel like this relaxed attitude towards the smoking ban law (and the rather low prices of cigarettes) makes so many more people smoke than normally would. I know in Philly sometimes it would be a drag because half of the group of friends would have to leave the bar to go smoke outside and that might dent the party atmosphere for a bit if most of a group is missing, but in Zagreb, you don't even have to face the outdoor cold to light up. I know it's something that won't change so it's something to adjust to and I really think that I have gotten used to it. I just needed to acknowledge how much I dislike the stale leftover cigarette odor on me and my (non-smoking) fiance's jackets (and clothes!).

So in conclusion, my dear smoker friends, I really do care about your health (and mine) and I hope that you'll decide to quit smoking for good! Since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent, I think it's a great time for any smokers out there to give up cigarettes for the next 40 days (which will hopefully motivate you to quit for life!).

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