Friday, February 3, 2012

Feeling the Love

When Tomislav and I went home to the States in December, we had a long trip. We were flying on different flights (boo) that arrived at the same time at EWR (yay!), but the day was long so we were really excited to get there and to be able to stay the night at my sister and brother-in-law's place. The next morning we were driving up to my parents house in PA. My sister and I are super silly and she suggested, wouldn't it be fun if we got all dressed up for our Mom and I totally agreed. My Mom is super fashionable and loves to dress nicely so it was the perfect idea for her. We even took it a step further and got T-Slav to put his suit on! Anyway, we drove to PA, feeling a bit jet lagged but we were OK.

When we got to my parents house, my Mom and Dad ran outside along with Paul (my brother-in-law) and his siblings (who we knew were gonna be there) and we were so excited to see everyone! It was amazing to reunite! We greeted each other outside, took some pics, and T and I were kind of confused why no one was commenting on how dressed up we were!

Anyway, so we walk up the stairs to go into the house and....


TOTAL shock and surprise! It was so amazing to walk in and see so many people that we love and that we hadn't seen in so long, all in one place, and not just any place, but at my parents home!

So happy to see loved ones again :)
T-Slav and Noemi actually met for the first time in real life right then, but it already seemed like they'd known each other forever!
My other NK :)
I love this picture so much, my dearest Ketchup Heads and I hugging and my second "Mom," looking on
"Can you believe this??!!"
"I really can't!"
My Mom and my sister are so amazing for putting this wonderful party together for us, celebrating our engagement. I wanted to have an engagement party with all of our friends and family so much and we had such little time between all of the holidays in December and Tomislav only being there for 2 weeks, but they made it happen...and it was perfect!
Me, my brother-in-law, Paul, and my Mommy
My dearests- Morgan, Jess, me, and Noemi
Toast by my sister :)
She is just the greatest!
Party time!
My parents and I (you may recognize Pistol)

A moment between my sis, Paul, and I

Thank you so much again to my Mom and sister for putting together this truly remarkable party, it is such a fantastic memory for us and I will certainly never forget it! Times when I'm feeling homesick in Croatia, I'll be able to look back on this great day and remember all the love we felt from our friends and family in the States. Also, a huge thank you to Paul's Mom, Lisa, for taking all of these pictures and documenting the party! I was too jet lagged to even consider getting my camera out and all of these pictures are from her.

Have you ever had a surprise party? Have you ever been to a surprise party? Was the guest of honor surprised?


  1. That must have been such a great day!!! I've never had a surprise party, but I lived in the States for 2 years and didnt see my family, so when I decided to go back home I told my mom I was coming back to Brazil in January and I got there in December. She was sooooo happy and surprised. It was a great experience. It's so good to know how much our family loves us and we appreciate having them in our lives even more. =)

    Great post Nikki =)

  2. Awww I love you Nikki!!!! Your surprise party was so much fun! :)

  3. Oh it was so great! That is sooooo nice Claudia! I always wanted to surprise a family member like that...maybe someday :D

  4. Thank you for sharing some pictures! Your faces are priceless. I was so excited for you guys when D told me about the plans. Surprises like this definitely show you how much everyone cares for you! I've only ever thrown a surprise party - but it's a great feeling!

  5. Dana - oh my! We were SHOCKED! It was so awesome, I felt like I was dreaming. Surprise parties are the absolute best. It's such a great feeling and it makes the guest of honor feel so special and happy. A memory that will really last forever!

    Frau- I miss you too! I think you should start a blog just so I can see what you've been up to! It was so awesome to see those WNEP videos recently though ;)



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