Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drachenbaum - My Prophesizing Painting

To tell you this story, I have to backtrack a little bit. So, a couple weeks ago, before we began shooting House Hunters International in Zagreb, I wanted to paint something, in hopes that it would turn out cute enough to be hung up somewhere in our apartment so that my blog's name could be seen in the filming. Unfortunately, I wasn't convinced it was good enough to be posted in our place, so it was left out. Now looking at it, I really like it a lot. 


On that Austria trip this past weekend (I wrote about it yesterday), we also bought a new plant! 

 In German it's known as a Drachenbaum, in English it is called Dracaena. 

I was curious to see what fully grown ones looked like so I googled it. I was amazed to see how beautiful and interesting they look! Upon closer look, I realized it looked remarkably similar to a painting I had made a few weeks ago. The one I made solely for the purpose of putting "Dream of Home Tonight" on it. I really can't believe the resemblance my upside down tree has to a Drachenbaum! It's really crazy because I had never seen a plant/tree like it before and I just really wanted to experiment with mixing different colors.

 Here is a fully grown Drachenbaum, or Dracaena.

Do you see a resemblance between my purple painting and this unusual, beautiful plant?


  1. Skimming through the blog, this post reminded me to tell you that Ms. Succulent is alive and well in my parent's sunroom!!

  2. Excellent!! So happy to hear that :D I saw a similar plant to yours recently and thought of you. P.S. A sunroom sounds so lovely right now. We're getting another wave of snow our way this weekend.



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