Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion Friday!

Back by popular demand: Fashion Friday! While home in the States, my family and friends were curious to see more of Zagreb's style and fashion so it's back! This week, instead of snapping photos of stylish strangers on the streets of Zagreb, I'm showcasing one of the new, cool things to do in this capital city (and my fashionable friends while I'm at it):

The new, cool thing to do in Zagreb is...BOWLING! The one problem is, it's very expensive here, since it is still so new. But as you can see from our trendy kicks, the bowling shoes are still quite new, so that's nice!

 Maja, Jan, and Sarah, looking fabulous :)

 First time bowler, already a champion!

 Cutie Sarah, another first time bowler with the added difficulty of being a lefty!

T-Slav, just so cool ;)

 Maja was kickin' her man's guzica!

 Would you look at that form? Impressive...

 Go girls! Ivana, Sarah, Maja, and I

 The winner of our lane! (with his trophy)

Ivona, Maja, and I :)

Next Friday, hopefully I'll be able to show you guys more of the fashion scene in Zagreb but for now, happy weekend!

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