Monday, January 23, 2012

Juicy Juice

My family has always been into eating healthy foods and making our own juices and smoothies. When I was little, my parents spoiled us by making us fresh squeezed orange juice with our breakfasts in the morning and other fruit and vegetable juices to drink at night. Delicious! So while we were in the States, Tomislav and I couldn't resist buying a Magic Bullet to bring back to Croatia so we could make our own smoothies here too. We figured we'd be able to get a converter over here for the mini-blender but it proved to be a bit more difficult. In the end, we had to get a huge brick of a thing which ended up costing more than the Magic Bullet!

Here it is, that converter is so so so heavy!

 Happy to be able to make my breakfast in the morning with the "Bullet" like this one, with frozen strawberries (and usually other fruits), some orange juice, one carrot, and oats.

 The colors of the juices are always so beautiful!

If you have any sort of blender at home, I really recommend juicing. Throw any fruits and veggies you have in the blender and mix it up. My Mom made us juices with everything from avocado to beets, fresh pineapple, to peanut butter. It's filling enough for me to eat, or rather, drink first thing in the morning, but I usually need a mid-morning snack around 10am then. Yummy!


  1. First - I'm sad I didn't get to see you on this trip! :( Second - I have a Magic Bullet and so does Derrick - we both do the same thing. We make smoothies and it's the best breakfast ever! ENJOY! :)

  2. I know :( I especially wish you could have been at my bachelorette party! ;) Magic Bullets rock! I wish we had fresh basil right now so I could make pesto. Craving it!



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