Friday, March 2, 2012

Polish Parties

 Kto ty jesteś? Polak mały! - A very early Polish Party in NJ ;)

Growing up, my parents got together with their friends every weekend for what I liked to call, "Polish Parties." All of our family friends (who are Polish, of course) would get together to drink, dance, be merry, perhaps watch a boxing match on Pay Per View, things like that. All of us kids would have a really fun time because we'd play games (which we would mostly invent, from "Don't Let the Parents See Us," to "Army," to our own version of the then popular MTV show, "Singled Out," to "Church" (we're Catholic, what can we say?). 

My two favorite party girls! At me and D's combined HS/College grad party in 2006

We would create, direct, and star in our own home movies and it really was always so fun for us too. There was also a period of time where, much like most other young girls around the world, we pretended we were the Spice Girls. We took things to a new level though, with full costumes and make-up, our own "tour bus" (the basement of one friends' house), a manager, a movie, complete choreography - WSZYSTKO!

Anyway, on a recent trip Tomislav and I took, I heard a song that brought me right back to those days. There are so much great, fun music that my parents and their friends would listen to and I just love hearing it again! It brings me right back to my childhood and makes me feel so happy. Whether it's Queen, Boney M, Abba, or some lesser known hits; I love them all! Anyone remember any of these?

Comment ça va
Comme ci, comme ci, comme ci, comme ça!

Sun of Jamaica, the Dreams of Malaika...

This is one of my all time favs! (T and I actually saw them in concert in Zagreb in 2009!) 
Boney M - Daddy Cool

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. OMG! You took me right back! I remember all those jams...and those flower dresses?! So funny. I wonder what baby P will remember of his childhood when we have parties.haha



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