Friday, June 22, 2012

Car Rides, Familymoon, & (almost) no Kissy Pics!

Czesc from Dobre Miasto, Poland! It feels like it's been absolutely forever and I'm so glad to have Internet access for the first time in 2 weeks so I can finally let you all know that we're married!

 Yes, we're blocking a bus from crossing, and yes, there will be so many more pics to come! Thanks for this one Noemi!

It's been absolutely amazing, without a doubt the best day of our lives, and we've been embarking on a honeymoon familymoon (as we've been calling it!) with our nearest and dearest for the past 2 weeks, road trippin' throughout Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, our travels are coming to a close soon (even though we have a super long trip back to Croatia), but before it all commenced, Taylor over at The Daily Tay wrote this great blog post about all the jobs that she's had over the years which sparked some car ride conversations among my fam and friends about their favorite/whackiest jobs. Anyway, I'm so thrilled to finally welcome Taylor over here to Dream of Home Tonight! I love her blog and I think you all will too!

First off, I'd like to say a huge congrats to

Nikki and her husband on their wedding!

What an amazing time in life for both of them.

I'm really hoping she'll give us all a treat and post some pics...

Anyway,  my name is Taylor and I blog over at

The Daily Tay

I blog about anything and everything

regarding my daily adventures living in Chicago.

My posts are usually a bit sarcastic,

sometimes cynical (depending on whether or not I've had a coffee)

and almost always involve my dog, Harlow

and my boyfriend, Chris.

In honor of Nikki being a newlywed, I wanted to share a post

about having recently celebrated the 4.5 year mark with Chris.

(4.5 dating mark, to be clear)
Big moment, I know.
Although when I called him at work and said,
"don't you want to say something to me?"
he responded with,
"Oh yea, do we have quarters for laundry tonight?"
Wrong thing, Chris.
When I told him it's our 4.5 year anniversary, he laughed and said,
"That's today, huh?"
I knew he remembered.
One of our first nights hanging out.
(I went as Captain Blackout, he's Neil Armstrong,
a match made in heaven, I know.)

We've come along way since that Fiji frat party we met at
in the musty old basement of one of their party houses.
He said I was a little too sarcastic,
I told him I've never been accused of that before...
Which was obviously sarcastic.
But he gave me a chance anyway.

Our first date was at a weird little mexican restaurant-
because they didn't card and I couldn't handle the pressure of going on a first date without drinks.
(I'm just socially awkward like that)
And I was 20, so basically legal.
That was my first date I'd ever been on.
And will hopefully be my last because I'm awful at first dates.
I don't laugh at jokes if they're not funny (luckily Chris is funny)
and I actually judge someone pretty harshly if they tell un-funny jokes.
We bonded over movies like "Saving Silverman," 
"but it only counts as one nacho if they're all stuck together..."
and he introduced me to even dumber great movies like "Out Cold."

And just when I came home and told the roomys I thought I had finally found a guy who I didn't think was annoying and could probably be my first boyfriend
Chris dropped the ball on me he was leaving for Europe in 4 weeks.
Dick move, I know.

Then again...

What a great reason to visit.
And just for the record this is the only "kissy photo" I've ever taken.
And it will be the last.
I am  blushing right now as I post it just because this is so not me.
Look closely and you can see me smirking thinking,
oh my God this is so cliche I want to die but go with it...

And after five long months of being apart the sneaky little devil that Chris is,
came home without me knowing and surprised me on my 21st.

(at midnight.)
So I was little tipsy by then and you can imagine my shock.
I just kept repeating,
"So do you have to go back? Are you home for good?"
Drunk-me thought he just made a quick trip back for the night and was going back to Spain the next day, because I didn't actually think he was returning for another two weeks.

And I'm happy to report things only kept getting better living in the same country again.

We've always been good at keeping the fun in the relationship.
And I was able to keep the "cool girlfriend" facade going for at least three years...
But when you move in together shit starts getting real.
He uncovered all the crazy in me I tried to keep under wraps for so long.
I prefer a clean house, all the time.
I will spend at least ten minutes picking out paper towels with a seasonally appealing design
(this is a sickness my mother most DEFINITELY gave me and I hate her for it.)
I don't like dirty mirrors in the bathroom,
or shit on the counter in the bathroom.
I don't think a toaster should be left out (we barely have any counter space, people.)
And I'm a terrible person to travel with because the TSA makes me incredibly irritable.
And I spend hours on Facebook creeping on people I shouldn't... Usually girls. 
It took Chris a while to get used to this one,
I don't have a rhyme or reason I just have certain people I like to stalk, and they're usually girls because most boys are boring on social media.

And that's a bit about how we've gotten to where we are.
I like being with Chris because he makes me better,
or at least he makes me want to be better...
But it's a process. 
It's all a learning process.

Hopefully the next 4.5 years will be just as great...

Thanks for hanging out, and I swear I'm not usually this sappy...
Now stop on by and say hello!

Don't you just love her?! Thanks for letting me be a part of your Guest Posting Blitz, Taylor! Follow her blog because she's hilarious and fun (Captain Blackout, anyone?), and welcomes you right in to her life like any good girlfriend! 

My husband (ahem, ahem) and I will be road tripping back to Zagreb most likely on Monday so if you have any ideas for fun car games to play, please do let me know! 


  1. Do they have vanity plates in Europe? I never thought about them because I never saw them most of my life, but now that I am in America, I try to decipher them all the time..! Go for it in Europe...and if all else the -ation game :) xoxoxo

  2. Congrats! Hopefully I'll hear all about it over coffee sometime soon. :)



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