Friday, November 25, 2011

A Very Croatian Thanksgiving

I was very happy to spend the whole day cooking yesterday for T-Slav's first Thanksgiving and even happier with how everything came out! I'm proud of myself for cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner ever and honestly, I wish I could cook like this all the time. It was fun to plan the menu, a little less fun trying to find certain ingredients and spices. It was difficult to find sweet potatoes and I can't find celery stalk anywhere in Croatia. I was shocked when I couldn't find sage at the super-supermarket because Croatians use tons of sage in their cooking! Eventually found it with the help of several employees and curious fellow shoppers observing my searching and questioning employees about "kadulja."

 Hungry Chef

 Thankful :)

We finally got to drink the prosecco we bought a few weeks ago to celebrate our wedding planning. Loved it, reminds me of such happy times like when we went to Venice or Dominika and Paul's engagement party.

 Is that everything? Almost forgot the cranberry sauce because I had made it so much earlier that day!

 My sweet potatoes, corn, green beans (à la Alton Brown), cranberry sauce, and delicious gravy that I want to put all over everything!

 Our turkey, done 2 ways with the dark meat and light meat and one of my other favorite dishes of the day, the stuffing muffins! Carmelizing the onions first totally made the difference in the taste.
 It was so worth it.

 Leftovers are my favorite!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

Leave a comment if you want any other recipes! I looked for inspiration and understanding of flavors in several recipes but put my own spin on everything (ie: extra garlic...everywhere). We still have leftovers and I'm excited to make it all again!


  1. yuuumi (kamila ;D)

  2. i want recipes for all! :)

  3. Nikki, thank you so much for visiting my blog it was so nice to hear from you - that always astonish me how people can find one another online:)

    I see you had a wonderful time, so much good stuff on your table!:)

  4. again, your cook makes me drooling! and i feel hungry right now



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