Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sex u Skoli

Tomislav's friends are all very creative. They're always thinking of new ways to have fun, including inventing your own board game. This was an awesome idea that our best man, Lovro, came up with. It was a mix of pictionary, charades, truth or dare, clay-making, and drinking games (obvi). Also, anyone who knows Lovro knows that he's always ready with a game or something fun to do (Slap Uno, anyone?)!

 We all came up with a couple of ideas for charades and dares and what not and wrote them on these cards, then took turns choosing a card and doing the task at hand!

For example..
Me - ready to play!

Polish Roulette was part of the game too!

Ivona making something out of the clay


Can  you guess what this was?
Oh yeah, and as for the name of the game and the title of this post? It was the song playing at the moment on the TV that was set to CMC (Croatian Music Channel). What up.

Do you do game nights with your friends?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Tomislav and I have been traveling on the coast (business for him, I've tagged along of course!) but I'm having a hard time getting the ol' laptop to function over here so I'm posting from my phone just to say hi! I'm hoping to edit the first ever episode of Eat at Home Tonight, catch up on Big Brother, and Skype with me loved ones as soon as it's back up and running! Also...the Olympics! I love it, we had so much fun watching in bars here on the coast. It's exciting to see fellow American tourists/supporters around here too :) I want to see some more swimming soon! Wooweeee!

I leave you with these iPhone pics:

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Oh-so-blue water on the island Lokrum

We drove the 3 hours from Dubrovnik to Split this morning and it's the hottest day ever in Split! (117 degrees F!)

Seafood spaghetti...oh my gosh, yes! It's Meatless Monday after all ;)

Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Go on a Business Trip w/ Your Hubby

So, it's Fashion Friday but things are a little different this Friday..I didn't get a chance to interview our amazing, fabulous wedding photog and friend, Ana Mihalic so hopefully next week you'll see some more of her amazing photos!

Yesterday, T-Slav and I made the 7 hour trip down the Croatian coast to Dubrovnik! We always have a lot of fun on long car rides with each other. We goof off a lot and I'm a good co-pilot and keep the driver happy, well-fed, and entertained. (OK, I try to keep him well-fed but when there are no restaurants or konobas anywhere, what am I supposed to do?! I did offer him my basil plant to eat though. We were at the 7th hour at this point so we thought it was so hilarious (or maybe we were delerious from hunger) thinking about us eating basil salads with a basil dressing and basil on the side. Lol! 
Yes, I brought my basil plant with me on this trip. I didn't think of it sooner to leave it with a friend in Zagreb (Elaine, this would be you!) so little baby basil came along for this week of T-Slav's business trips!

 I'm also pretty proud of the braid I did in the car! It came out really cute! 

 Side braid, sup! My hair is super thin/fine so this is great for me :)

When I hear T-Slav say "Wowwww!" then I know I must have done a good job :)

Since I didn't have a Fashion Friday post for you, me and T-Slav posed in our outfits of the day. I headed to the beach as he went to work. Of course, I stole his hat :) 

  T-Slav's work outfit. He's so cute :) I ironed his shirt this morning in the hotel cleaning ladies closet. Yep. #HousewifeProblems

 So T dropped me off close to the beach as he went off to work this morning

So, I played in the water and looked like this

Lapad Beach
I love being on the coast. The salty air is so good for your skin, the breeze feels amazing, and there's not a cloud in the sky! And you can't beat the fresh seafood. I'm really thankful I got to go on this work trip with Tomi, even though I'm on my own during the day.

The beaches in Dubrovnik aren't sandy beaches, they have small rocks and pebbles. This makes for a really cool sound when the waves come crashing. It's so relaxing to hear the sound of the pebbles floating around and landing on the ground that the water pushes them to. That sound will put anyone to sleep in the sun!

I love all the cool swing chairs the cafes have around this area of Dubrovnik. It's so fun!

I was walking back to the hotel from the beach and this caught me eye. Now, I just don't get why it's so special if Greeks selected them? Like, Greeks chose us watermelons, you tourists should eat us! Am I missing something?
Last time we were here (with everyone on our Familymoon!), the Eurocup was on. This time, the Olympics! So excited to watch them tonight! 
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo Diary: A Very Zagreb Morning

How I felt before a meeting


"Hey, at least I like my outfit"

How I felt after eating this amazing ham and cheesy goodness!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reader Response and a BIG Announcement!

One of my favorite things in the universe is when I get e-mails from you guys (or comments) about how you've tried one of my recipes. I wanted to post a couple of pictures that you guys sent me of dinners you've made inspired by recipes you saw here on Dream of Home Tonight!

 Kirsty made (the best!) roasted broccoli after last week's post about it's deliciousness

  She also made chicken noodle soup after reading my post about natural penicillin

And Dana made my amazing balsamic reduction - mmmm I could go for that steak right about now!

I know my sister, Dominika, made my favorite soup ever, the carrot ginger soup the other night and they gobbled it all up. Have you tried any of my recipes?  What did you think?  Send me a message or better yet, a photo. I'd love to hear about it. Especially because.....


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Destination Wedding: Croatia!

More people are doing destination weddings these days for their big day. We got married here in Zagreb, Croatia and I wouldn't want it any other way! I don't think we could have EVER had such an amazing wedding anywhere else in the entire world. It was absolute perfection and it was definitely thanks to so many incredible vendors here in Zagreb.

When we first got engaged, we thought Tomislav would be moving to the States soon enough so we assumed we'd be getting married in the States. But because of the sacrifice Tomislav was making for moving to the States, we decided it would only be fair if we got married in Croatia, especially since if the wedding was in America, most of his family and friends wouldn't be able to come. So, we put wedding planning off for a while and lo and behold, I ended up moving to Croatia and we ended up getting married in Zagreb! And you know what, I wouldn't change a single thing about it!

We looked at venues in Zagreb for a while and were really debating about things. We wanted the place to be presentable since guests would be arriving from all over the world and show Zagreb off like the capital city that she is (is Zagreb a she? I'm not sure about the gender of proper nouns in Croatian, oh well!). When we first visited Gradska Kavana, I fell in love. Again. The space was so amazing, absolutely breathtaking and I could already picture myself on those stairs!
Yes, these stairs!

The perfect stairs for my girls to stand on while I tossed the bouquet!
And for the boys when Tomislav threw the garter (and Ana captured this fabulous action shot!)

 But at that time, we were still considering other places, especially because we would only be able to have 80 guests at Gradska Kavana so we were really debating about it. It was difficult for me to go on meetings with all of the owners and managers of these wedding venues because my Croatian was lacking. That was making it really hard for me to even get in the wedding planning spirit. That was all for a reason though. Gradska Kavana was still holding on to my heart and we were totally willing to cut down the guest list to have the wedding there. Besides, we really didn't expect anyone to come from as far as the States!

Dancing "Kolo" (circle dancing)
The perfect wedding venue - great atmosphere, delicious food, just perfection!
 So, we made our way back to Gradska Kavana to take another tour and as luck should to have it, there was a brand new General Manager there who would later become known to us as Super Man. Not only did this guy speak perfect, fluent English (German too!), he listened to us and all of our concerns and special requests and what not and he absolutely loved our ideas and his answer was always, "No problem, we can make it happen!" Without him, we couldn't have had our wedding. Zdenko is the greatest wedding coordinator in the universe. He was always there to calm me down during the planning and preparations and he literally made it the greatest day of our lives and I'm so thankful to him. I'm forever greatful to him, honestly, because he was such a ray of sunshine in our lives and it's so cheesy but it's so true. I just love him. He is the best! I just don't know if the guy ever sleeps because he's literlaly out being Superman all day and night long!

Zdenko bringing our cake out and making a funny face - he is the best!

I was absolutely obsessed with our flowers. They were EXACTLY what I wanted, and literally the most gorgeous flowers I'd ever seen in my life. No one could do a more amazing job than Ida from Cvjetni Atelier Kontesa. Martha Stewart doesn't even have flowers as beautiful as these! She listened to everything I had to say and made adjustments as necessary and literally helped make me the happiest bride in the universe! It's so important to trust your vendors to make your day flow perfectly!

All of our vendors were the best we could possibly ask for and I'll definitely tell you more about them in the future, especially about our amazing photographer, Ana Mihalic. In fact, I'm hoping I'll tell you more about her later this week in a special feature. I mean obviously she's amazing, just look at her photos! Makes you want to get married in Croatia now, doesn't it? ;)

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Clean Home is a Happy Home!

In a field of poppies in Poland

That's what my sister always says when she's cleaning, in a high pitched, sing-songy voice and for me, it couldn't be more true! This weekend we finally had the chance to really settle in to our new place (and unpack!) and I think we made a really good decision to stay in Zagreb. Since the weather was pretty crummy and cold we were able to get the apartment straightened up and we're a happy home. So happy in fact, that for some reason, I've been waking up early (without any need to be up!) with tons of energy. T-Slav says he likes it better when I was sleeping instead of bouncing off the walls while he's getting ready for work, but hey what can I do! I even went running yesterday, which I haven't done in forever. But when you're up that early, you can run along the beautiful streets of Zagreb, through pretty parks, and up and down some stairs without fear of too many Zagrebians looking at you like you're crazy for exercising on the street. I'm guessing this cooled down weather is the cause for my sudden burst in work-out motivation, definitely not complaining though! We'll be at the warm seaside soon enough :)

So, I've been getting to know our new neighborhood, the cafes around the corner, and the bars down the street and for the first time in my life, I feel like I have finally understood why people are coffee snobs. I've never been a coffee snob (or water snob or anything like that), I don't have a preferred brand or anything. Even so called "bad" coffee can be made good by putting some milk in it for me. Anyway, this cafe next to our apartment has quickly opened my eyes up to really good coffee. It's really espresso with milk (as all coffees are here in Croatia!) but man, I cannot get over how awesome this place is. It's called Cafe Pjer and it was the place closest to us that I could find with free wi-fi. It's obviously a neighborhood favorite of a lot of people, judging by the number of people I here all the time. The service is fantastic. Any place that has an owner who's willing to guide me to the closest outlet so I could plug in my laptop (instead of giving me the evil eye like most places would!), well you know it has to be awesome! So I'm blogging live from Cafe Pjer right now. And it's making not having Internet at home yet slightly better :)

My view right now at Cafe Pjer in Tresnjavka

So happy Monday everyone!

And the thing you should know about me, is that I really mean it. I love counting down to random occasions. Anyone remember back in the day, freshman year of college, going to J&H on Sunday night for 4th Meal (which should have been called Munchies Meal, it was just nachos and pizza and burgers and I can't even remember what else. I mean, you didn't go to 4th Meal unless you were under the influence). So this one time, a whole big crew of us went for 4th meal and we were causing a bit of a ruckus. 4th Meal only went from 8pm-12am and we'd always try to come in at 11:45pm and try to get them to keep the good stuff out still. So, as I was saying, I love celebrations and decided we should count down until midnight like you do on New Year's. Only thing was, the next day was Monday. So we counted down and all yelled, "Happy Monday!" at midnight. Shenanigans. Amazing. That's what makes paying student loans back worth it. Remembering really fun and crazy college moments. T for Temple U baby!

I'm pretty sure this is from that night - flashback!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fashion Friday! - with Style Tone Zagreb

This week in Zagreb - the city is pretty empty because everyone's gone to the seaside. This means, tons of parking spots all over town, and more tourists than Zagrebians in the city. It's hot out here and the fashion's even hotter. (Omg, did I really just say that? Whatever, I'm leaving it!) Anyway, big thanks to Style Tone Zagreb for the fab photos for this week's Fashion Friday!

Love this top, this girl looks like she knows what she's doing!

Head to Toe - adorable!

Everyone is always on their phones, everywhere in the world! Love her hat

Bright and shiny couple

Prints and Pattern Fun

Gotta love that cycle chic!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully we'll be getting Internet ASAP, settle in to our new place, and maybe even head to the seaside ourselves for a day! 

Got any great plans for the weekend?


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