Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'll Be Home for Christmas!

T-Slav and I are coming home for the holidays on Saturday (albeit on different flights, nažalost). I cannot wait to see my sister and brother-in-law, my parents, and all of our family friends! I'm super excited to see all of my friends in Philly and anyone and everyone else we get to meet up with. My Mom asked what we wanted to eat when we got home so of course, I requested her amazing pierogi. I'm dreaming about them already.

You can see the pierogi on the left. Ooh and while we're at it, I'll add barscz to the list of things I'm drooling..I mean, dreaming about already. Also known as borscht, it's that amazing beet soup that you can see in the white cups.

Here are some other things I'm really looking forward to while I'm home:
-Sushi! from that place in Old City we went to for Peter and Staci's pre-Costa Rica going away dinner. AMAZING!

-Thai food! Obsessed with take-out from Tamarind on 2nd and South in Philly (like this Panang Curry!)

-Pho..cannot wait for T to try this one. He's gonna love it!
-Having the ability to buy hummus at the store
-My own bed, so comfortable!
-Diversity, and the normalcy of it.
-Seeing what our Save the Dates look like in real life
-Bloody Mary's!
-Sitting by the fireplace
-Going skiing with my family

-Going to our Church
-Wearing the best sweatpants in the world. I wonder if the original owner of the sweatpants knows that they're everyone in our family's favs. That might be weird.
-My family's Polish Christmas Traditions (including watching Home Alone on Christmas Eve) and this incredible meal:

The other special thing about Saturday? 
Exactly one year ago, Tomislav popped the question! 


  1. have a wonderful xmas back home!

  2. <3 enjoy guys. Maja

  3. I like watching Home Alone on Christmas Eve tradition. My brother and I always watch Goonies :)

  4. Mmmmmm, one of the best things about coming is most definitely the FOOD!



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